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Swiss Travel Pass

All the fun that comes with a Swiss travel passrainforest and mountains


Travelling the world is everyone’s dream. Getting to see the beautiful landscapes, breathtaking features, sun bathing in a new place is all so exciting. Just the thought of it brings a feeling of relaxation to your heart .Well, if you are one of the people who like to travel and make memories around Europe, then here’s some good news for you; the Swiss Travel Pass. This is just what you need to change your entire holiday experience from sun and fun to something more breathtaking like viewing the beautiful mountains and lakes around Europe. Nature has a way of bringing your soul back to life. I mean, when you are depressed about something and take a trip to see a beautiful mountain with snow and a rain forest around it; you will feel more relieved. Nature is therapeutic!

No Booking required!


One of the stressing things about travelling is booking tickets. The hassle that comes with queuing in line as you wait to get your ticket is not so pleasing. Waiting in line is not only boring but also time wasting. You spend so much time waiting for your turn to get your ticket, which you would have made proper use of by visiting more places. I mean, when travelling, you want to use every single second of your time to view the beauty of the world.

No Queuing!


With the Swiss Travel Pass, the hassle of waiting in line is eliminated. The Swiss Travel Pass has made travelling around Europe so easy! This is because you get an all-inclusive ticket; whether you wish to travel by rail, water, or road. All this is catered for in one ticket. How awesome, right? No more spending lots of time at the ticket machine. The beauty of Swiss Travel Pass is that you can travel all over Switzerland without having to worry about exchange rates during your trip. At the same time, you get to experience discounts such as free travel on all panorama routes, free admission to more than 490 museums just to mention a few. If you have been discouraged from travelling by the queuing process and the hassle that comes with it, then this is your chance to change that. Get yourself the Swiss Travel Pass and get to experience the most breathtaking sites in Europe.